• Admissions

    Admission Policy

    phpthumb_generated_thumbnailjpg-1The School is an educational service for children ages two to six years old. Enrollment is available to children within this age range regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, national origin, religion, or disability. Returning students and siblings are accorded first admission. Enrollment is then open on a first come, first serve basis. The School reserves the right to refuse admission based upon likelihood to benefit from the School program. If a class is full, the child will be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified if a space becomes available.

    Each child who enrolls in our school is first put on a thirty day probation period starting from their initial enrollment date. We use this time to fully evaluate your child’s development and ability to blend into an everyday learning environment. At the end of thirty days, your child’s teacher and/or director will meet with you to discuss his/her progress. We often find most children will seamlessly adapt to their new surroundings. If however we face a scenario in which a child encounters difficulty, we will work diligently with you to reach a solution that best supports your child’s transition. In the unfortunate event that this cannot be achieved, enrollment may be terminated.

    Admissions Procedure

    Observation of the School during a typical morning without your child is required before submitting an application. To arrange a time that is convenient for you, contact our Admissions Director at 510-521-2354. At this time we would also give you a tour of the school and provide you with all of theĀ enrollment forms.

    Upon receipt of the applicationĀ the admission procedure formally begins.

    A child’s file packet forms needs to be picked up at the facility for the family to complete. The forms are required by Community Care Licensing to be completed before attendance. No child will be admitted without all forms completed and turned in.