Enrichment Activities Within the Classroom


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The children are given an introduction to physical and cultural geography through the use of wooden puzzle maps and other activities. Studies about countries and activities with objects and snacks from other countries, and international celebrations are all part of geography.


Painting, color mixing, collage and printmaking are just some of the activities provided to show the care and use of art materials, to encourage creativity, and just have fun! The Kindergarten level children do art appreciation activities based on the study of particular artists such as Monet and Matisse.


These are nature related activities. Studies of plants and animals include parts of various plants, vertebrates, habitats and weather conditions that support particular plants and animals and for the kindergarten level children, studies of planets. Right now we are learning all about the systems of the human body, from the nervous system to the skeletal system.


Music Education is a daily activity enjoyed by the children; they enjoyed singing and have the opportunity to play rhythm instruments regularly. Day by day they build a strong foundation for further musiceducation and enjoyment.


We speak Spanish to all the children through the day. In addition, we have a daily twenty-five minute lesson. The lessons are designed to introduce children to a second language and the basic understanding of Spanish with numbers, words, colors, games, songs and stories.


Our Kindergarten children also have the important advantage of remaining with children of mixed ages. Mixing ages provides our kindergarten children with abundant opportunities to develop leadership skills and responsibility and gives the children greater social diversity. This is the “leadership year”. They have friends of all ages. The mixed ages and widely varied achievement levels of the children greatly minimize comparisons and competition, which are so damaging to young children. It also does wonders for a kindergarten child’s self-esteem to be admired and looked up to by the younger children.