Our Staff

The staff at Luna’s Montessori is committed to the care and education of children, our staff continually assist programs that encourages the staff members to continuously assess their skills and understand the psychology of the child in a changing world.



Growing up in a Montessori school run by her family, Abigail is a 2nd generation Montessori educator. She received her formal Montessori Training at “Montessori Teacher Education Center of San Francisco” and following in the footsteps of her family, bought her own school in a classic Victorian to bring a warm and close knit feel for her students.

Abigail continues her education in Business and current Montessori Philosophies in order to provide the best quality care in a warm, loving environment where children can have fun and experience nurturance, encouragement and direction in order to optimize their potentiality in social and emotional development.

E-mail Abigail at abigail@lunasmontessori.com



My name is Daisy Adelene Velasco, I am 31yrs old and I was born and raised in Oakland, CA.

I was a 6th grader when I joined an after-school program called Higher Learning. Here, my mentor helped me discover and experiment teaching, caring, and nurture for younger students. He was helping me grow academically and at the same time teaching me how to help others in academics. I did this for 3 years.

Once I turned 15yrs old I became a Tutor and later on a Teacher for EBAYC. Thanks to EBAYC, as a teenager (challenging years) I always had someone to go to for any problem, either academically or emotionally, and created long-term friendships with others that were part of this program. Because of this program and support, Once I graduated High School, I decided to go to CSU East Bay. In the meantime, I would Babysit on the weekends for an elementary school teacher who had two sons, a two-year-old and a 4-year-old.

Once I graduated, with a BS in Human Development specialization in early childhood and minor in Spanish, I joined Kindercare as a Toddler Teacher. I worked with them for a year and then finally, 3 years ago, I joined Luna’s Montessori where I’m currently a Head Teacher.

I fell in love with the environment, the structure, and the community. This past spring (2021), I finished my two-year program and have my credentials as a Montessori Teacher who is looking forward to work with your child and teach him/her how to care and love for others, nature, cultures, numbers, phonics, and much more. In the meantime, I will be modeling independence, respect, and will work closely to tailor each child’s growth and potential.

My hobbies include traveling, nature walks, and trying new experiences.